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14K Solid Gold Hoop Captive Bead Rings

14K Solid Gold Hoop Captive Bead Rings

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These captivating 14K solid gold hoop captive bead rings exude sophistication and timeless elegance, providing you with a luxurious accessory perfect for any occasion. Crafted from precious metal and featuring an exquisite design, they are sure to be the envy of everyone around you.

Bar Size: 18 G (1 mm), 16G (1.2 mm) , 14G (1.6 mm) 

Bar Length: 1/4" ( 6 mm), 5/16" ( 8mm), 3/8" (10 mm) 

Material: 14K Gold

Ball Size:  18G, 16G and 14G 5/16" (8mm): 3mm balls. 14G 3/8" (10mm) and  1/2" (12mm): 4 mm Ball 

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